Son of an Email Screw Up!

That’s right.  I’m pissed beyond all belief because I just found out that I’ve missed TONs of email from people over the past month because Yahoo decided to split up my real Yahoo address and the ones managed through my Geocities account.  What pisses me off most is that they didn’t tell me. 

So, if you haven’t received a reply from me, that’s why.  My humblest apologies.  😦  All I can say is I’m glad I’m transferring my domain to a new host.  



4 thoughts on “Son of an Email Screw Up!

  1. Yes, Edie, I did. I think it’s because it had my “secret” email address and not one with my marciacolette (dot) com domain. In fact, I was just about to email you back. 😉 Thank goodness Yahoo didn’t screw that up.

    Now, I’m paranoid because supposed I got a request or something that got lost in cyberspace. Ay-ya!

  2. Oh NOOOOO! A lost request would suck dead moose-meat! We need to scour cyber space!

    I had problems a while back with Yahoo, too, for no apparent reason. Some days it would eat mail, and others not. (Notice how it never loses spam.)

  3. “Notice how it never loses spam”

    Ain’t that the truth!! I got more of that than lost email. And here’s the stupid think, Kath. Yahoo sent me a “change to email” notice all right. Guess where it went? To the stupid Geocities mailbox I didn’t know I had. That’s like sending snail mail to your future house that the realtor hasn’t found you yet. 🙄

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