Congrats to My Girl, Leanna!!

She just sold to Dorchester, baby.  Yeah!!  Check it out on her blog


4 thoughts on “Congrats to My Girl, Leanna!!

  1. THANK YOU, you sweetheart you! And I have no doubt that you could hug me so hard it might kill me. *grin* Thanks for your generous support, it means the world to me. This new blog looks AWESOME! Unstable Environment is next up on my TBR pile and I simply cannot wait. *hugs*

  2. I just went over and congratulated her. I saw the picture of her bunny and laughed. My husband and I were at the state fair on Sunday. We went into the small animal place, and I walked up and down the bunny aisles thinking of you.

    BTW, when are you writing a wererabbit book? 😈

  3. 😆 Edie, if you saw a cute little chocolate one, that was my little guy.

    I’ve written a chapter of the wererabbit book. It’s definately not a children’s book. That’s for sure.

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