MySpace changes, too.

I guess the whole branding thing was infectious.  I’ve even changed my MySpace page by adding a cool, new layout.  Thanks, LaDonna, for introducing me to Cool Chasers Layouts.  😉 

Next stop, my webpage.  Well…perhaps I’ll wait until I sign with NY for that one.  There’s a tight reign on the finances.


8 thoughts on “MySpace changes, too.

  1. Hey Marcia, your myspace page looks cool! Question: Where do you find graphics and such to pump up your myspace page. I am totally clueless on the myspace design front, which is why mine is still plain jane.

  2. Actually, your plain jane page is perfect to work with when installing a layout. I had to get rid of the HTML and crazy stuff like that in order to get my layout to work.

    There’s a tab in the right corner of MySpace page that says CoolChasers. Click on it and it’ll take you straight to their website. It takes a little navigating, but it’s worth it.

    I highly recommend them because they take care of the complete install at the click of a button. I was worried about giving them my MySpace email and password, but I took a chance and I love my new layout. Even better, if you don’t like the way your layout looks, CoolChaser will put it back to the orginal state.

  3. Hey Marcia!! Love your new cozy place, and thanks for the MySpace link! Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve been over there. Still not up to speed after vacation. 😆 I’m draggin’ hinny still.

    And my baby girl did the MySpace, so the CoolChasers was her idea. I love the layouts over there too.

  4. 😆 I know what you mean by dragging after vacation. My brain is still at the Grand Canyon.

    Baby girl did a very cool job with your MySpace page. I was looking for a new layout, particularly one that was easy to put put in and not overwhelmed with advertisements for the layout company. CoolChasers was a perfect fit.

  5. Marcia, your MySpace looks great! I forgot that you’re no longer blogging just on Fridays. I’ll have to remember to stop off more often. Or learn how to use RSS.

  6. Thank you, Edie! Learn how to use RSS. I have no idea of when I’ll blog on this thing. Although, I did get the urge to write about a certain topic while at work, but decided against it. Too bad I can’t recall it.

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