AtomaCON This Weekend!

Yes, you heard me right. This weekend is AtomaCON and I can’t wait. Last year was the first year I attended–and a I think a first for this con–and I loved it! So, if you’re in the Charleston area, come check it out. For more details:

Another Stop on the Review Tour for THE PORTAL GUARDS

NBTM Review The Portal Guards Tour Banner copyIn case you’ve missed it or haven’t been keeping track, I’ll have another review posted for The Portal Guards at Straight from the Library. Oh, and there’s a $10 gift card at stake, so don’t be left out. :)

Next stops on the tour:

November 13: Straight from the Library
November 20: Hope. Dreams. Life… Love

Review Tour Stop #1 for The Portal Guards

I know this is a little late, but my blog didn’t post like I had planned for this morning. It was still sitting in draft mode and I haven’t had a chance to check it until now. That’s fate for me.

Anyway, The Portal Guards has it’s first stop in my review tour at the Kinky Vanilla blog. Be sure to check it out!

Guest Blogging at the Mocha Memoirs Press Blog

Want to talk dark fantasy on TV with me? Well, head over to the Mocha Memoirs Press Blog. Today, I have a a guest post and would love to see you there!

More Details About the Upcoming Tour of THE PORTAL GUARDS

NBTM Review The Portal Guards Tour Banner copyJust a quick reminder that my tour for The Portal Guards starts this Thursday. Be sure to check out the places where I’ll be, and if you commit, your name will be entered in a prize drawing at the very end. I’ll be stopping by, too, as much as I can. Don’t be surprised though if you don’t hear from me until later in the afternoon. It’s the day job’s fault. Honest.

Here are the tour dates and where The Portal Guards will be…

October 30: Kinky Vanilla Romance
November 6: Romance Novel Giveaways
November 13: Straight from the Library
November 20: Hope. Dreams. Life… Love

Trying to Get Back Into the Blogging Groove

NBTM Review The Portal Guards Tour Banner copy

Blatant self-promotion again. But if it helps me sell a couple thousand copies, so be it.

Yeah, that title pretty much says it all. I usually don’t have a lot to say unless I have a new release because my life just isn’t that interesting. Sorry, folks. That’s probably the case with most writers, though their Tweets and Facebook postings probably make you think otherwise.

So what made me want to do this today? Probably because I need to straighten some things out in my brain in terms of my writing for the rest of the year. Might as well do it here.

The Portal Guards (fantasy romance)
I’m still trying to drum up some promo for this one as well as having some future promo in the works, too. This is my first foray into Romance in more than a year. Let’s just say I was romanced out and needed a change. Now, I’m feeling my romantic side again. Not on every project I’m working on though.

The Underground Portal (fantasy romance)
I’m currently working on this and I’m loving the way it’s turning out. This time, we’re in the city of St. Pierre, which is somewhat having it’s own identity crisis because there are parts that are very fantastical, parts that are very modern, and parts that look like it might have come from the steamy side of the Victorian Age. Nonetheless, we learn more about Evelyss’s sister from The Portal Guards and how having a passport through the portal doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing from there. It gets more complicated when you fall in love with the main guy the Officials keep pretty much under lock and key, since he’s one of the few scientists who’s researching how the portals work and how to create them on a whim.

The Light at the End of Judgement and Day (paranormal)
If you’ve read The House on the Corner of Brim and Stone (short story in the In the Bloodstream anthology), then this is the first “full-length” story in my Yvette Mills angel series. Yes, it’s under 30K words, but for Mocha Memoirs Press, it’s at the maximum word count. Therefore, I’m calling it full-length. Think of this as Touch By an Angel meets The Conjuring, but with a taste of Michonne thrown in. I have plans for my character in another follow-up novel I’m working on called The Grave at the Edge of False and Prophet.

Stricken (urban fantasy)
I haven’t talked about this much, but I’m about to now because it’s on submission. If you’ll recall this is the follow-up to Stripped and it’s currently at 60K words. I’m bringing back Alexa York and in a big way. So, keep your fingers crossed that you get to read it someday.

Strained (urban fantasy)
This was originally titled Half-Breed, but I had gotten my rights back and made some changes so that it fell more in line with Stricken. I don’t know exactly how much of the novel has changed in terms of word count, but I feel like it’s a much stronger story than previously. Again, it’s on submission, so cross your fingers that I hear something soon.

What’s next on the horizon? Well, I’ve been kicking around a few ideas in my head for the sequel to Bittersweet. However, keep in mind that the next book will most likely feature Phaedra in college and more along the lines of a New Adult. I also have a secret project that I’ve worked on all last year that’s in the science fiction genre. It was more of an experiment, really, which also made me decide to start a new pen name as well. I’m going to tell you what that is because I’m not ready to yet. Perhaps next year–it just depends. Also, since I tend to like my romances more on the shorter side, I’ll probably keep that bus rolling with works around 30K words.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. How much everything will change is anyone’s guess. But, I’ll keep you posted as much as possible.


Don’t forget to pick up a copy of The Portal Guards today!

ThePortalGuards_FantasyRomBlurb: Evelyss Nontage is a housekeeper at the Talbert Estate who has been hired to keep order. Her family is also relying on her to learn of the location of a mysterious portal that allows those from the Fringe Line to pass into the human world. For her and her loved ones, it’s a matter of life and death. Brahm Gushon is an occupant who has been with many of ladies in waiting. He’s tired of them, too. He’s drawn to the solitary housekeeper who has her mind two things. Her duty and her loyalty to the household. No one will break her concentration. Not even him. Evelyss and Brahm must work through their frustrated feelings to send a deadly intruder back to hell…assuming he doesn’t take both of them with him. It’ll take another leap of faith in each other to overcome the second enemy they don’t see coming.

Buy links: Amazon, Mocha Memoirs Press